Jacking Of The BRB’s On Wilshire Grand

Last Monday and Tuesday we pre-compressed the upper buckling restrained braces (BRB’s) between levels 70 – 73 in four equal increments to a total compressive force of 1050 kips (1.05 million pounds) per brace.  We performed this work slowly over two days to provide the structure adequate time to respond to these loads.  We measured the lengths of these braces […]

B&J’s New Principal- Ryan Bishoff

Ryan Bishoff was promoted to Principal at B&J this November. Over the last several years, Ryan has had ever increasing responsibilities in the Orange County office. He is responsible for managing the office, supervising the engineering and drafting, and bringing work into the office. Ryan has been performing the work of a principal for several[…]

B&J: End of Summer Picnic

As summer came to an end B&J celebrated it with a company picnic.  The day was filled with amazing BBQ food, games, prizes, and even our very own ice cream truck and moon bounce! Take a look at how we embraced the end of summer below:                                                                                                   

B&J’s Photo Makes the Cover Of STRUCTURE Magazine

B&J is very excited to have one of their photos featured on the cover of STRUCTURE Magazine, August issue. In addition to the cover, B&J wrote a three page article for STRUCTURE Magazine regarding the BRB’s of the Wilshire Grand Hotel.  An Article discussing the building foundations appeared in an earlier issue of STRUCTURE Magazine, Demeter, 2014. To read the full articles: Dec.[…]

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