Throwback Thursday: 8 Hilton Los Angeles/University City

This 21-story hotel was originally constructed for MCA Sheraton Hotel.  Sitting atop the hill above Universal Studios in North Hollywood, along the Hollywood Freeway, this is another landmark in Southern California.  The hotel was built on a fast-track schedule in order to be open for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.  The moment-frame tower, a[…]

B&J Seeking Civil Engineer

We provide civil engineering and consulting services for projects with an emphasis on urban infill and School/ University Campuses. Projects types include: Project Due Diligence, feasibility and Master Planning Public works and infrastructure Grading, paving and earthwork analysis SWPPP Developer/Practitioner (QSD/QSP) Stormwater Quality Management Plans (NPDES MS4) Flood control and Hydrology/Hydraulic Analysis Street, sewer, water and[…]

Throwback Thursday: Occidental Center Tower

Occidental Center Tower: Constructed in 1966, the Occidental Center Tower has dominated the skyline of Los Angeles for many years.  It was originally occupied by Occidental Insurance Company and later renamed as Transamerica Tower, SBC Tower and AT&T Center.  It is currently occupied by USC.  At the time the building was constructed, it was one[…]

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