B&J Ninja Jumpers Rapel off 24 Floors!

On June 11, the B&J Ninja Jumpers (Beth Aldrich, Marilu Gonzalez-Yanez, Kim Caravalho, Kathy Patito, Bryan Nguyen and Arman Motavvef) repelled 24 floors down the side of the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Los Angeles! The daring group raised $3,500 for Shatterproof, an organization committed to protecting children from addiction to alcohol or other drugs and ending the stigma and suffering of those affected by this disease. You can learn more about all the great work that Shatterproof does at www.shatterproof.org

                                                                                 Take a look below!

With Sign2kathy_


marilukim                                                       bryan    Arman



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