January 11, 2016

Peter Maranian

Peter Maranian, S.E., Principal

Mr. Maranian has 35 years of structural design experience with Brandow & Johnston. As a licensed structural engineer and project manager, he is responsible for supervising all phases of project development, structural design and system selection, seismic design and rehabilitation of major projects, and construction administration. He has engineered a variety of projects from small alterations to major complexes. He is well versed in alternative structural systems, construction materials, interdisciplinary design coordination, and project quality control. Maranian is a recipient of the 1997 Murray Buxton Award from the Institution of Structural Engineers (UK) for paper published in the May 20, 1997 edition of “The Structural Engineer”.


The Polytechnic of Central London
B.S. in Civil Engineering, First Class Honors


Civil Engineer (#35065), California
Structural Engineer (#02720), California


SEASOC_Structural Engineers Association of Southern California
Co-chair, Steel Ad Hoc Committee
SEAOC_Structural Engineers Association of California
Delegate to the Seismology Committee
Co-leader of Chapter 7 (Steel) of “Recommended Lateral
Force Requirements and Commentary”, 1999,Seventh Edition
AISC_American Institute of Steel Construction
ACEC_American Council of Engineering Companies
AWS_American Welding Society
Institute of Civil Engineering, United Kingdom
Institute of Structural Engineering, United Kingdom
Member of ASCE Technical Council on Forensic Engineering


Maranian, Peter. Reducing Brittle and Fatigue Failure in Steel
Structures. Virginia: ASCE, 2010

Peter Maranian, P.J., 1997 Vulnerability of Existing Steel Framed
Buildings [following the 1994 Northridge (California, USA)
Earthquake]; Considerations for Their Repair and Strengthening
by Peter Maranian. Published in May 20 edition of “The
Structural Engineer” Journal of the Institution of Structural
Engineers (U.K.)

Maranian, P & Sabelli, R; Working Document: Evaluation
of the Pushover Characteristics and Rotational Effects for
Buckling Restrained Braced Frames with Inverted Vee Braces.
Submitted to SEAOC Seismology Committee April, 2001.
Simon and Maranian, 1999; Static Small Component Tests on 2
Inch Thick Specimens Using Welding Overlays, DLW Rep. No.
1473 (Available from Brandow & Johnston Associates, 1660 W.
3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017).

Simon W, Anderson J, Compton J, Hayes W and Maranian
P, 1999; Repair of Existing Steel Moment Frame Buildings
Damaged from Earthquakes Using Fracture Tough Weld
Overlays, AISC Engineering Journal, Fourth Quarter.

Simon W, Anderson J, Compton J, Hayes W, Maranian P, 1998;
Dynamic Load Welds for Repair of Existing Steel Moment
Frame Buildings Damaged from Earthquakes, February,
DLW Rep. No. 1341 (Available from Brandow & Johnston
Associates, 1660 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017,

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